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Results from 2004 US Western Regionals

  • Friday, August 20 2004 @ 09:12 pm ACST
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North America The results are in from the second leg of the US Western Regionals, held in San Diego on August 14 and 15.

The Denver Bulldogs, one of US football's dominant clubs, again proved their strength, finishing top, but not without a hiccup, getting towelled in their final game against the hosts (possibly having relaxed after securing top spot). The improvement in Arizona was also evident, finishing runners-up, followed by the Orange County Bombers and San Diego. New boys the Mojave Greens failed to win a match, but in their first major tournament put in at least one strong showing and will hopefully improve rapidly. The successful tournament, plus the continuing developments in the Golden Gate AFL and up in Seattle and Portland, indicate that west coast football is alive and well.

The tournament results are listed below, but note that there was some controversy over the time-keeping in the drawn game between OC and Arizona, so the final standings are not yet considered official - WFN will issue an updated story if anything changes. Combined with the earlier leg in Denver, and possibly some debate (as not all teams attended), the western seedings for the 2004 US Nationals should be decided.

Saturday, August 14th, 2004

Game 1: Denver Bulldogs 4.8.32 def. OC Bombers 3.1.19
Game 2: Arizona Hawks 6.8.44 def. SD Lions 1.9.15
Game 3: Denver Bulldogs 10.5.65 def. Mojave Greens 1.1.7
Game 4: OC Bombers 5.6.36 def. SD Lions 4.5.29
Game 5: Arizona Hawks 5.8.38 def. Mojave Greens 3.3.21

Sunday, August 15th, 2004

Game 1: Denver Bulldogs 3.7.25 def. Arizona Hawks 3.1.19
Game 2: SD Lions 7.12.54 def. Mojave Greens 0.1.1
Game 3: OC Bombers 5.3.33 TIED Arizona Hawks 5.3.33 (results under review due to timekeeping discrepancy)
Game 4: SD Lions 8.6.54 def. Denver Bulldogs 1.1.7
Game 5: OC Bombers 8.7.55 def. Mojave Greens 0.1.1

Denver Bulldogs310Def. AZ, OC, MOJ; Los. SD
Arizona Hawks211Def. MOJ, SD; Los. DEN; Tie OC
OC Bombers211Def. MOJ, SD; Los. DEN; Tie AZ
San Diego Lions220Def. MOJ, DEN; Los. OC, AZ
Mojave Greens040Los. OC, SD, DEN, AZ