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2004 SEAFL Grand Final Week

  • Wednesday, August 18 2004 @ 10:41 pm ACST
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North America The South Eastern (USA) Australian Football League finishes this week, with the title to be decided between Atlanta and North Carolina.

One of the most traditional leagues in the US even if one of the smallest is in its Grand Final week this week with the Atlanta Kookaburras meeting North Carolina in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the SEAFL title for the fourth straight year. The Kookaburras have the perfect record having won all three previous Grand Final encounters.

The SEAFL competition has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 2001. Although South Carolina were once a fledgling member they played only two stand alone games in 98 and 99 and normally partnered with neigbouring teams to play tourney games and compete at the Nationals. Their last official recorded game was in April of 2000. They remain in recession in 2004 with the three other teams Tri Cities Saints, Nth Carolina Tigers & Atlanta Kookaburras making up the race for the Premiership. Florida were new this year playing one road game and two at home beating both Atlanta & Nth Carolina and will come on board officially for match points in 2005 and with the emergence of Baton Rouge in Louisiana late this year there is a strong possibility the competiton could move suddenly from three teams to five in 2005.

Tri Cities Saints from Tennessee have battled hard to maintain a playing group this year and suffered bad losses at home or forfeits on the road. Atlanta have scored two convincing wins against Nth Carolina the most recent a record score for the Kookas at home.

This week's game is thought to be a different kettle of fish, Nth Carolina draw heavily on the local college players and with school back in after summer they are surely going to be a stronger opponent. Added to the equation is Atlanta coming off two surprise losses in the MAAFL to Milwaukee and fierce rivals Nashville at home last Saturday. Will they be able to rebound and win a record 4th SEAFL Premiership in a row, or will the NC Tigers spring a surprise?