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worldfootynews.com Staff Restructure

  • Thursday, September 30 2004 @ 09:13 am ACST
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Site worldfootynews.com wishes to announce there has been a small restructure in staff, to better balance resources and interests. Of course we would all like to cover all regions, such is our love of football, but time does not permit any of us that luxury. The new details follow. Aaron Richard - Co-founder, site administrator, and Europe and South America editor

Brett Northey - Co-founder, staff co-ordinator, and North America, Ireland and UK editor

Jake Anson - Oceania and Africa editor, site artwork

Julian Clark - Asia correspondent

Matt Morris - Tonga and Fiji correspondent

Wayne Kraska - Eastern USA correspondent

Peter Parry - International Rules correspondent

Further information can be found in the About Us section.