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AFL Germany 2005 Draw Released

  • Thursday, January 13 2005 @ 04:56 pm ACDT
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Europe The AFL Germany has released its plans for season 2005, which will again see the five clubs from 2004 competing. Included is a nation-wide preseason training camp to be held during March in the picturesque city of Fulda, open to all payers, fans and officials from across Germany and hoping to help consolidate the league and the German national side. This year the season will consist of ten rounds run April to October, with all sides meeting both home and away. It had been rumoured that there may have been a team forming in Cologne, as a number of the playing list from the Düsseldorf Lions live in the Cologne/Bonn area, but it appears that for competitive league play these will continue on with the Lions for 2005 while they investigate forming a future team.

The training camp will be held from the 11th-13th of March and will involve both on and off-field training. Entry in open to all interested parties regardless of previous experience and the camp will cover practical aspects of training both at the individual and group level, public relations, club management and the structural and organisatorial aspects of managing the national league. There are a number of interested parties around Germany looking to start clubs, and hopefully with a national approach there will be progress made in helping them off the ground.

The season draw is as follows:

Rd 1 - 9. April 2005
Düsseldorf - Hamburg
Berlin - München
Bye: Frankfurt

Rd 2 - 23. April 2005
Hamburg - Frankfurt
München - Düsseldorf
Bye: Berlin

Rd 3 - 14. May 2005
Frankfurt - Berlin
München - Hamburg
Bye: Düsseldorf

Rd 4 - June 2005
Düsseldorf - Frankfurt
Hamburg - Berlin
Bye: München

Rd 5 - 25. June 2005
Frankfurt - München
Berlin - Düsseldorf
Bye: Hamburg

Rd 6 - 16. July 2005
Hamburg - Düsseldorf
München - Berlin
Bye: Frankfurt

Rd 7 - 27. August 2005
Frankfurt - Hamburg
Düsseldorf - München
Bye: Berlin

Rd 8 - 10. September 2005
München - Frankfurt
Düsseldorf - Berlin
Bye: Hamburg

Rd 9 - 1. October 2005
Berlin - Frankfurt
Hamburg - München
Bye: Düsseldorf

Rd 10 - 15. October 2005
Frankfurt - Düsseldorf
Berlin - Hamburg
Bye: München

Finals 29th October 2005, Location TBA