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Footy comes to Cologne

  • Wednesday, June 01 2005 @ 12:38 am ACST
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The German city of Cologne will this weekend host its first match of Australian Football, with the Düsseldorf Lions moving their home match against the Frankfurt Redbacks to the nearby city for demonstration purposes.

About half an hour's drive south of Düsseldorf, Cologne (Köln in German) has had rumblings of an Australian Football team for a few years, with a number of the Düsseldorf Lions hailing from the nearby city. There has been suggestions that Cologne could have a stand-alone team, or at the least that a metro-style league could be created feeding into the Lions, featuring squads from Cologne, Bonn, Essen or other nearby cities where players come to play for the Lions - but as yet there have not been any firm confirmation of this.

The game will be played at 2.00pm, June the 4th at the Grüngürtel am Colonius, part of a green belt of parks built along the location of Cologne's medieval fortifications.

With similar experiments in the US succesfully seeding teams in a 'neutral' city, the outcome will be of interest to all in the German Aussie Rules scene.