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Public Transport Guide to the International Cup 2005

  • Thursday, July 14 2005 @ 01:29 am ACST
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International Cup 2005

For international or interstate visitors to Melbourne, World Footy News has created a guide to getting to the matches for those unfamiliar to the local transit setup. We hope this guide helps your stay in Melbourne!

When arriving in Melbourne for the first time, the easiest way of reaching the city from the airport is via the Skybus, which leaves at 15 minute intervals through the day (for a number of reasons, political and economic, the long-planned connection of the suburban rail system to Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport is not likely to be built for some time to come... Or at least not before the IC). A trip from the Airport to the city on Skybus costs A$13 one-way and reaches the city in about 20 minutes.

Once you're in the city, Melbourne's public transport system consists of trains, buses and the famous trams (streetcars for American visitors). Optus Oval, Teac Oval and Murphy Reserve can all be reached via tram from the city with a zone 1 ticket (A$3.10 for 2 hours, A$5.90 for 1 full day). Generally tickets can be bought from coin-operated machines onboard all trams.

Melbourne has two terminus railway stations - Flinders St for suburban trains and Spencer St (soon to be renamed Southern Cross) for country and interstate trains.

MURPHY RESERVE, Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne (Rounds 1, 2 and 5)

This venue has two fields in operation side by side (Woodruff and Aanenson Ovals). To reach Murphy Reserve from the city, take the Port Melbourne tram (number 109 - make sure it's going direction Port Melbourne NOT direction Box Hill). You can catch this tram in the city on Collins St, at Spencer St Station and Crown Casino. After passing the Casino, the tram line follows the old Port Melbourne railway line, as such the original station platforms are still in use. Get off at Graham station, then cross the tracks and walk north up Graham St. The Reserve is about 5 minutes away, at the corner of Graham St and Williamstown Rd.

TEAC OVAL, Port Melbourne (round 3 pool A + some cross over matches)

The home of Port Melbourne in the VFL, TEAC Oval is situated near Murphy Reserve, but closer towards the city. Again, taking the Number 109 Port Melbourne tram travel to North Port station. The ground is a short walk up either Ingles or Raglan St in a northerly direction.

OPTUS OVAL, Princes Park, Carlton (round 3 pool B + some cross over matches)

An AFL venue until quite recently, and the spiritual home of the Carlton Football Club, Optus Oval is reached via Tram 19, which leaves the city from Elizabeth St. Optus Oval is situated in the large Princes Park complex on Royal Parade.

CITY OVAL and SHOWGOUNDS, Wangaratta (round 4)

Located a few hours' drive north east of Melbourne, Wangaratta is a town of around 30,000 residents in a large agricultural and wine-growing area. Wangaratta is serviced by V/Line trains to Albury, or the XPT to Sydney. Both these services leave Melbourne from Spencer St Station. An adult ticket to Wangaratta costs A$35.80 one-way or A$71.60 return and the trip takes about 2 and a half hours.