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Official AFL International Cup results - Semi and Qualifying Finals

  • Thursday, August 11 2005 @ 08:28 pm ACST
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International Cup 2005 Below are all the official AFL 2005 International Cup scores, goalkickers and best players, for the fifth round of matches, i.e. the semi and qualifying finals. Spain withdrew due to injuries (and they travelled with a small squad), but intend playing in the final round of matches this Saturday.

In the big match between New Zealand and the USA the Americans were believed to have lodged a protest against the eligibility of at least one of the Kiwi players, James Bowden, who spent some time growing up in Australia. We believed having spoken with the New Zealand camp that the AFL investigation was continuing but the Kiwis were confident that he had been cleared on several previous occasions and there should be no issue. The AFL's Ed Biggs has now confirmed that the situation has been resolved in that the appeal will not be progressing further.

SF A - New Zealand 10.4.64 def USA 5.2.32

Goals New Zealand: C Ashton (4), R Bradley (2), A Tongalta (1), G Thomas (1), M Jones (1), T Danks (1)

Goals USA: J Mueller (2), S Bradley (2), D Butler (1)

Best New Zealand: G Thomas, C Ashton, M Jones, S McNally, J Pocock

Best USA: B Blankenship, D Butler, K Strenski, D Lucero, D Thurmond, D Jones

SF B - Papua New Guinea 5.4.34 def Ireland 3.7.25

Goals PNG: S Tepend (1), J Ila (1), G Touv (1), P Meli (1), N Maha (1)

Goals Ireland: P Whelan (1), D O’Haophalain (1), J Flavin (1)

Best PNG: N Maha, S Tepend, O Gibson, P Philip, P Meli

Best Ireland: G Johnson, D Goggin, C Cullinane


QF A - Canada win on forfeit over Spain due to the Spaniards withdrawing with a high injury count - but they will return for the final round.

QF B - Great Britain 9.9.63 def Japan 3.5.23

Goals Great Britain: L Macias (2), J Ford (2), W Cockram (1), M Anderson (1), J Boyle (1), C Dickson (1), J Swift (1)

Goals Japan: M Sakaki (2), S Hiroyuki (1)

Best Great Britain: B Rees, B Dixon, A Craig, J Sullivan

Best Japan: H Kazuaki, K Tsuyoshi, S Michito

QF C - Samoa 7.8.50 def South Africa 3.3.21

Goals Samoa: F Tootoo (2), C Teniselli (2), G Agamatagi (1), M Kirisome (1), A Tootoo (1)

Goals South Africa: W Jonker (1), M Hlomela (1), S Malinga (1)

Best Samoa: F Tootoo, M Kirisome, C Teniselli, S Faaee

Best South Africa: W Jonker, J Horn, T Mothaoleng, G Sekete, C Van Rensburg