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Catalonia heading to London for EU Cup

  • Monday, September 19 2005 @ 11:32 pm ACST
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With the withdrawal of the Spanish side organised through the Madrid Bears, an announcement has been made by the Lliga de Futbol Australià de Catalunya (Australian Football League of Catalonia) that they will attend in their place.

The EU Cup will be the first appearance for the Catalan selection outside Spain and only their second ever outside Catalonia. They are currently preparing for their match against the Brazilian Anacondas to be held later this month.

The LFAC has been working hard to establish itself as a solid section of the local sporting community, and have been successful in securing some regional governmental support for their league. League founder Pedro Moliner Salinas is confident that participation in the EU Cup will be a big step for footy's development in Catalonia.