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WFN seeks volunteer writers

  • Tuesday, May 30 2006 @ 05:00 am ACST
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worldfootynews.com is a not-for-profit group helping to promote the internationalisation of Australian Football. Our efforts are based around reporting stories about leagues around the world, sourcing initial information from websites, forums and a large list of contacts from inside and outside of leagues and clubs. The great Australian game is steadily spreading and to do it justice WFN needs several more volunteers. We are currently looking for new writers to assist in covering the Asia and Oceania regions, as well as Canada and Ireland. A writer specifically for Japan who speaks Japanese would also be very useful.

The reporters would be volunteers with an interest in Australian Football becoming a strong international sport. They would be provided with initial guidance about the kind of stories desired and given contacts to pursue information. No special computer skills such as HTML are required, just competent English writing and an enthusiasm for footy. It will be up to the writer as to how much time they put into the job, but no more than a couple of hours every second week should be necessary to cover each area adequately. Regular contributor Jake Anson will continue to report on New Zealand, and relevant Australian stories are covered by several of our volunteer staff.

Many people profess to wanting to help develop the sport and this is a low commitment opportunity to assist in raising the game's international profile. WFN also works behind the scenes with various forms of modest but worthwhile assistance. Anyone looking to put their toe into the water of international footy please contact me here.