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A story from the Archives - early movements in Korea

  • Tuesday, February 26 2013 @ 05:17 pm ACDT
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Here's a story that never made it into an article and has sat in my pile of drafts for almost six years now - reporting some early stirrings of footy in South Korea.

Although it became one of a long of clubs that had some impetus early on but ultimately never saw the light of day, I figure it's worth giving everyone a chance to read the story of the Kimchi Kangaroos - also known as the Seoul Crocodiles, as it was around 6 years ago!

The following article was written in 2007 as part of a roundup article of "Footy Shorts" that was never completed.

Aussie Rules has never quite gotten a foothold in Korea, but diehards in Seoul are still plugging on in the hope of making it happen. The original club, the Kimchi Kangaroos, were founded by Aussie expat Morrie Lee in around 2002 - named in honour of the famous fermented cabbage dish "Kimchi", traditionally eaten in Korea with almost every meal.

Morrie's involvement ended just before 2003, but three other Australians living in Seoul filled in with Box Hill North at the 2003 Narita Cup in Japan - the only time that anyone played a match representing the Kimchi Kangaroos.

One of the three was Marc Lawrence, who replaced Morrie as head of the Kimchi Kangas. After talking to various Korean and Australian mates, he came to the conclusion that the club needed a name change, as being named after cabbage was apparently too comical. Thus they became the Seoul Crocodiles.

Unfortunately as things stand (2007), the club's only really progressed to the stage of being a social club for Aussies to talk footy, have a tipping comp and watch AFL matches online, but they are still hopeful that an active club can be created.

For the moment, it's a footnote in the WFN history books, but maybe one day we'll see another project get off the ground in Korea.