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Footy Darts - chance to win for your club

  • Wednesday, August 22 2007 @ 11:35 pm ACST
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Footy Darts is a magnetic darts game that simulates the ebb and flow of an Australian Football match. WFN writer Ash has reviewed the game, and creator Dale Wilson has two free sets of the Ultimate Footy Pack to offer international clubs (containing the magnetic football darts game and a markmaster footy, package valued at AUD$50).

We think the game could be used at footy clubrooms or as a prize for an up and coming junior. Readers from clubs outside of Australia are encouraged to write (click here) and tell us about your footy club and how you think you might make use of a set. We'll select two responses and courtesy of Sports Darts send them the Ultimate Footy Pack. Read on for Ash's review.

Australian Rules Football Darts is a magnetic darts game that, according to the instructions, is suitable for anyone ages four and up (though I would argue you need to be a few years older to fully enjoy the game). To accommodate a football oval, the felt ‘board’ is larger than your average dart board, being roughly 60 cm wide and 75cm long. It includes 8 magnetic darts, a score card and a timer.

The game is intended for two or more players, and designed partially to give those unfamiliar with football a greater understanding of positions and game-play. Players begin the match by tossing a coin to decide who will start and to which end each player will throw. The starting player has to throw a dart inside the centre square. If he is successful he then throws again, this time aiming for inside the 50 metre arc, and then through the goals. If a dart fails to land in its correct area or lands on a white line, the opposing player has their turn. If their last shot is a goal, the player retains possession, starting again from the centre square. Should they score a behind, their opponent takes their turn. Excluding a goal scored, play continues from where it left off.

For example, if Player one threw correctly into the centre square, but missed their attacking 50 metre arc, Player two would be aiming for the centre square, but if Player one made their attacking 50 metre arc but missed their goals, Player two would be aiming for inside their defensive 50 metre arc.

Whilst the rules aren’t simple, and take a little while to understand, the game is fun and offers players an enjoyable game to play in limited space. To add excitement to the game, use the timer to play ‘quarters’ and shoot from different angles and distances.

Footy Darts, including international orders, are available from Sports Darts.

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