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GB Bulldogs come out on top in Manchester Tournament

  • Tuesday, September 11 2007 @ 08:58 am ACST
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The Manchester tournament held last weekend saw four representative teams from around Britain - representing the best locals from the British ARFL, Scottish ARFL, Welsh AFL and Aussie Rules UK - mix it with the home-town Manchester Mosquitos for a five team tournament.

The BARFL's British Bulldogs finished the tournament undefeated with a massive percentage of 829.6% - having defeated the ARUK England Dragonslayers 86-1, Manchester 62-7, Wales 37-1 and Scotland 38-18. The SARFL's Scottish Puffins finished second overall on the points table, but as they were fielding more than the quota of Australians, the Grand Final saw the Bulldogs take on third-placed Manchester, winning 28-3.

Full scores follow.

Player of the tournament: Adam Bennett (GB Bulldogs), with Chris "Baz" Sproule (Manchester) Runner-Up.


GB Bulldogs4022427829.616
England Dragonslayers228917949.78

Round 1:
ARUK England 5.3.33 d Wales 2.4.16
GB Bulldogs 9.8.62 d Manchester 1.1.7

Round 2:
Scotland 7.6.48 d Wales 1.2.8
GB Bulldogs 13.8.86 d ARUK England 0.1.1

Round 3:
Manchester 4.4.28 d Wales 1.8.14
Scotland 10.5.65 d ARUK England 1.1.7

Round 4:
GB Bulldogs 5.7.37 d Wales 0.1.1
Manchester 6.4.40 d Scotland 5.2.32

Round 5:
ARUK England 4.1.25 d Manchester 1.6.12
GB Bulldogs 5.9.39 d Scotland 2.6.18

Grand Final:
GB Bulldogs 3.10.28 d Manchester 0.3.3