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England defeat Croatia to take out the EU Cup

  • Sunday, October 12 2008 @ 09:38 am ACDT
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The England Dragonslayers defeated the Croatian Knights in Prague yesterday to take out the 2008 EU Cup. Scores in the final match saw England 16.11.107 defeat Croatia 9.5.59.

Both sides were made up almost entirely of locals, meaning a good part of the score above is made up of handicap. Taking this out of the equation, the scoreline reads England 9.8.62 to Croatia 2.5.17 - reflecting a dominant effort on the part of the Dragonslayers. For their part, the Knights can be very happy with a very strong first-up performance at the cup, auguring well for Croatia as a future powerhouse in European footy.

Germany defeated Sweden for third place, with Finland narrowly defeating France for fifth. The full final rankings are listed below, reports to come in the next few days.

1. England
2. Croatia
3. Germany
4. Sweden
5. Finland
6. France
7. Catalonia
8. Scotland
9. Netherlands
10. EU Crusaders
11. Czech Republic
12. Austria

Full scores are available from the Footy Record.