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JAFL launches season 2011

  • Tuesday, May 17 2011 @ 07:00 pm ACST
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One of the world's oldest non-Australian football competitions is underway for 2011. This Japan AFL season features six teams playing five rounds plus finals. Given the Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated the country earlier in the year, it's impressive that apart from a struggle for sponsors, the season was launched without issue.

Read on for Team Previews and the Fixture.

2011 Team Previews

Eastern Hawks (Tokyo Old Boys)
Coach: Masahiro Yamatake
Captain: Tsuyoshi Kase
2010 result: 3rd

Komazawa Magpies (Komazawa University)
Coach: No coach
Captain: Ken Sato
2010 result: 5th

Senshu Powers (Senshu University)
Coach: No coach
Captain: Kumpei Komura
2010 result: 6th

Tokyo Goannas (Tokyo Expats)
Coach: Mathew Ritchie
Captain: Travis Wilson
2010 result: 1st

Nagoya Redbacks (Nagoya/Aichi)
Coach: Dan Jenkins
Captain: Dean Dowey
2010 result: 2nd

Osaka Dingoes (Osaka/Kinki)
Coach: Adam Reidy
Captain: Jun Oikawa
2010 result: 4th

2011 JAFL Fixture

Round 1
Osaka Dingos vs Tokyo Goannas (23 April)
Komazawa Magpies vs Nagoya Redbacks (5 May)
Eastern Hawks vs Senshu Powers (15 May)

Round 2
Nagoya Redbacks vs Eastern Hawks (29 May)
Tokyo Goannas vs Komazawa Magpies (4 June)
Senshu Powers vs Osaka Dingos (4 June)

Round 3
Osaka Dingos vs Nagoya Redbacks (18 June)
Tokyo Goannas vs Senshu Powers (19 June)
Eastern Hawks vs Komazawa Magpies (19 June)

Round 4
Nagoya Redbacks vs Tokyo Goannas (10 September)
Osaka Dingos vs Eastern Hawks (11 September)
Senshu Powers vs Komazawa Magpies (TBD)

Round 5
Nagoya Redbacks vs Senshu Powers (15 October)
Osaka Dingos vs Komazawa Magpies (15 October)
Eastern Hawks vs Tokyo Goannas (23 October)

Curtain Raiser
Top League 3rd vs Top League 4th (13 November)

Grand Final
Top League 1st vs Top League 2nd (13 November)