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First prowl for Slavonski Brod Tigers.

  • Wednesday, March 12 2014 @ 07:47 pm ACDT
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Not content to sit out another season waiting to be a part of the big time footy in Croatia, new club the Slavonski Brod Tigers flexed their muscle last weekend against none other than the reigning Croatian premiers, the Zagreb Hawks.

Tomislav Vlaovic, co-founder of Croatia’s newest club, was full of pride when relating his match review to World Footy News. “The practice match was played in Slavonski Brod on the 9th of March between the newly founded Slavonski Brod Tigers and reigning premiers Zagreb Hawks.”


 “A couple of goals early on from Tigers full forward Goran Klopan gave the Tigers a healthy lead into quarter time. In the second quarter the Tigers kept their lead of 17 points with goals coming from rovers Zvonimir Marinović and lightning fast Luka Đukić while powerful Hawks ruck Josip Habljak and forward Dinko Irsag scoring for the Hawks.”

“The third quarter was a slow one with only a couple of goals scored by Luka again and Hawks rover Frane Boban, with the Tigers still keeping their lead of 17 points. Early on in the last quarter the Hawks woke up and showed why they are so strong. Three goals from the Hawks dominant centre half forward Tomislav Cvetko [honestly, AFL clubs could do worse than look at this bloke as a mature age international project] and the Hawks took the lead for the first time in the match and never looked back.”

“[This game was a] huge success for the Tigers, nearly knocking off the reigning premiers! Congratulations to all competitors for showing courage, fighting spirit and dedication!”

Certainly the rest of the Croatian competition has been put on notice that the Tigers intend to be competitive from day one, and have already proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are a welcome and positive addition to the competition.

Final score: Zagreb Hawks 57 defeated Slavonski Brod Tigers 48