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AFL Canada announce Northwind Squad

  • Wednesday, September 07 2016 @ 02:16 pm ACST
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International Cup 2017

AFL Canada today announced their 30 man squad that will represent their nation at the 2017 AFL International Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

The team staff will be again be led by Head Coach Cody Royle who was at the helm for the 2015 Parallel Cup and assistant coach for the Northwind at IC14.

Staff Club
Head Coach - Cody Royle Broadview Hawks
Asst Coach - Adam Kelly Burnaby Eagles
Asst Coach - Dane Rolfe Calgary Kangaroos
Team Manager - Brad Heidebrecht Edmonton AFC
Runner - Philippe Jacques Zaor Ottawa Swans


The 30 man squad has many familiar names from past Northwind teams including Nathan Strom who was selected in the World Team at IC14. Three players named are at clubs in Australia being Adam Nash at the Epping Blues, Jaden Rubenstein Old Geelong and Alex Maloney at the Wallan Magpies.

Player Club
Connor Adair Burnaby Eagles
Michael Aspell Etobicoke Kangaroos
Michael Berk Edmonton Wombats
Chris Bourque Sydney Giants
Giancarlo Brancati Burnaby Eagles
CJ Brassington Burnaby Eagles
Greg Bridges Ottawa Swans
James Duggan Toronto Dingos
Kyle Graham Montreal Demons
Jordan Harcombe Ottawa Swans
Quinn Hobbs Burnaby Eagles
Mitch Home Edmonton Wombats
Alex Huard Ottawa Swans
Eric Klein Burnaby Eagles
Trent Loosemore Calgary Kangaroos
Clay Lund Delta Bayhawks
Robin Macdonald Burnaby Eagles
Alex Maloney Wallan Magpies
Jacob Martin Grand River Gargoyles
Adam Nash Epping Blues
Jim Oertel Burnaby Eagles
Garrett Reynolds Toronto Eagles
Jaden Rubinstein Old Geelong
Steve Rutledge Edmonton Wombats
Justin Settle Hamilton Wildcats
Ronan Shaughnessy Old Montreal Dockers
Matthia Singh Calgary Kangaroos
Nathan Strom Ottawa Swans
Robert Tersigni Toronto Rebels
Morgan Whyte Montreal Demons