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Japan Samurai International Cup 2017 Squad

  • Friday, June 23 2017 @ 05:15 pm ACST
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International Cup 2017

Today AFL Japan announced the Japan Samurai squad to contest the 2017 International Cup in Melbourne in August 2017. The squad announced 20/6/17 has an exciting blend of youth and experience look to it.

Once again the IC veteran Michito Sakaki (I believe this is his 6th IC) graces the squad with his experience and talent, which could well make him the only player in international footy to play in all the International Cups. Other IC veterans include Hisayoshi Oura, Toshiki Matsuhashi (4th IC), Yuosuke Kuno (suiting up for his 5th IC), Yuta Toyshima (played IC14), Jumpei Ito, Yuki Akita and Ryosuke Sato (each 2nd IC).

Amongst the IC debutantes there are some more players who can claim international experience, all having played for the Asia Lions against China in Shanghai in the curtain closer match following the Port Adelaide v Gold Coast match namely Shota Horijuchi, Kyo Nakagawa, Yuji Yamamoto and Yudai Yamaji along with Miticho Sakaki and Yusoke Kuno. New comers Riku Tokutake, Junpei Fujita and Shoki Mukodaka (Box Hill scholarship 2015) also toured Melbourne with the University Warriors in August 2016 along with Ito, Nakagawa and Yamaji.

The full Squad is listed below,

Hisayoshi Oura           Tokyo Bay Suns

Toshiki Matsuhashi     Tokyo Bay Suns

Kohei Kageyama        Tokyo Bay Suns

Hiroo Kuroda              Tokyo Bay Suns

Michito Sakaki            R246 Lions

Yuta Toyshima            R246 Lions

Tatsuya Nasu              R246 Lions

Jumpei Ito                   Eastern Hawks

Kento Takahashi         Senshu Powers

Shoki Mukodaka         Senshu Powers

Satoru Udagawa         Senshu Powers

Sohei Tada                  Senshu Powers

Shota Horijuchi           Senshu Powers

Riku Tokutake              Senshu Powers

Kyo Nakagawa           Senshu Powers

Hiroto Murayama        Senshu Powers

Yuji Yamamoto          Tokyo Goannas

Yusoke Kuno              Shonan Poseidons

Ryosuke Sato              Shonan Poseidons

Satsuki Shimizu          Komozawa Magpies

Yuki Tosu                   Komozawa Magpies

Junpei Fujita                Komozawa Magpies

Taisei Matsumura        Komozawa Magpies

Yudai Yamaji              Komozawa Magpies

Yuki Akita                  North Gambier, South Australia


Congratulations to all squad members, and apologies for any spelling errors.