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Player Profiles IC17 - Leila Morgenroth (European Crusaders - Women's)

  • Thursday, August 03 2017 @ 07:28 pm ACST
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International Cup 2017

1. Where is home and who is your home club?

Originally, I am from Goettingen, Germany, however I have lived in Australia for four years now. I joined my team, the Sydney Uni Bombers, this season.

2. How many years have you been involved in Australian Rules football?

After my arrival in Perth in March 2013, I joined the SNESA Angels, now Perth Angels Football Club. I played three seasons with my Perth team before moving to NSW, where I joined the Sydney Uni Bombers this year. I have completed a coaching course and have helped out with football coaching for people with impairments in WA for a brief period of time before moving over east.

 3.       What is your favourite or best playing position?

My favourite position on the field is the wing, however I might have a reputation in WA for my tagging and shepherding from the times when I have been playing in the back line. On my current team, I contribute best in the half back position.

4.           How will your team go at IC17?

Our team shows strong enthusiasm and passion for the sport mixed with great skill in all players. I believe that anything is possible and that we can win the Cup, which of course is our aspiration. No matter whether we win the Grand Final or the wooden spoon, I know that we will have a fantastic time at the IC17 as we are bringing our best play full of heart to the competition.

5.           Which AFL club do you follow, if any?

The best club of course! Flying high with the West Coast Eagles since 2004!

6.           Do you have anything else you would want to achieve or gain from the IC17?

To play with everyone except Australians in a competition will give me a better understanding where the sport has evolved to internationally. I am excited about all the new friends I am already making just by participating in this fantastic competition. As a longer-term vision I hope that the IC17 helps yet again in igniting even more passion for this fast-paced, challenging and exciting sport in people from more countries in the world.