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Meet a player : Assemat Marine (European Crusaders)

International Cup 2017
NameAssemat Marine
Nation/SideEuropean Crusaders

…would you WANT to kick for goal to win after the siren? Ana Barisic
...would NOT WANT to tackle you at training? Claire Perez
...spends MOST TIME getting their hair just right? Hélène Pittet
Favourite AFL team? Bombers / Giants
Favourite AFL Player? Josh Kennedy (WCE)
Your best other sport? Rugby
    DO YOU...
…Bounce the ball or tap on the ground Tap
…wear footy socks up or down Up
...prefer AFL Grand Final: Day/Twilight/Night? Night
Most Embarrassing Footy Moment I lost my mouthguard or my shorts moving up like small shorts.
Any Footy Superstitions? No, always “Positive Attitude”
How did you end up playing this game? Recruiting session posted on Facebook. I like team sport (team spirit)
Best Footy moment? Victory – time passed with my team and other team – drink beers.
Mens Div 1 France
Womens Ireland
Mens Div 2 Croatia