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Meet a Player : Pierre Labigang (France Les Coqs)

International Cup 2017

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Name Pierre Labigang
Nation/Side France
Division Mens Div 1


…would you WANT to kick for goal to win after the sirenω Pierre Boscart
...would NOT WANT to tackle you at trainingω Anthony Girard
...would you NOT WANT to eat their cookingω Pierre Labigang (myself)
...spends MOST TIME getting their hair just rightω Raph Ubeda
Favourite AFL teamω Richmond Tigers
Favourite AFL Playerω Dustin Martin
Richard Virenque
Your best other sportω Soccer
    DO YOU...
…Bounce the ball or tap on the ground Bounce
…wear footy socks up or down Down
...prefer AFL Grand Finalω Day/Twilight/Nightω Day
Most Embarrassing Footy Moment Hit the post from the goal square
Any Footy Superstitionsω Pull socks half way when kicking for goals
How did you end up playing this gameω Wanting to try a new sport
Best Footy momentω Representing France in the IC
Mens Div 1 Ireland
Womens Ireland
Mens Div 2 Japan