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IC17 Round 5 Match Schedule for Royal Park

  • Thursday, August 17 2017 @ 08:00 am ACST
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International Cup 2017

IC17 Round 5 matches will play out at Royal Park tomorrow. The latest scheduled match times and ovals are in the table below.

All 11 matches will also be streamed live on the AFL's International Cup Youtube page. All matches tomorrow will be seeding matches e.g. South Africa vs France will be the playoff for 9th/10th place.  Germany and Croatia will playoff for the Division 2 title in what should be a great match.

The remaining games of Round 5 are the Men's Division 1 and Women's Division Grand Finals that will be played at the MCG and Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

Division Home Away Date Time Royal Park Oval
D1 South Africa France Fri 18th Aug 9.00am Ransford Oval
D2 China Japan Fri 18th Aug 9.00am McAlister Oval
W European Crusaders Pakistan Fri 18th Aug 10.00am Western Oval
W Fiji Vonu PNG Flames Fri 18th Aug 10.45am McAlister Oval
D1 Fiji Canada Fri 18th Aug 10.45am Ransford Oval
D2 Pakistan India Fri 18th Aug 11.45am Western Oval
D2 Germany Croatia Fri 18th Aug 12.30pm Ransford Oval
W USA Freedom GB Swans Fri 18th Aug 12.30pm McAlister Oval
D2 Sri Lanka Indonesia Fri 18th Aug 1.30pm Western Oval
D1 USA Ireland Fri 18th Aug 2.15pm Ransford Oval
D1 GB Nauru Fri 18th Aug 2.15pm McAlister Oval