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IC Round 5 Royal Park wrap up

  • Friday, August 18 2017 @ 05:59 pm ACST
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International Cup 2017

Round 5 Grading matches and the Division 2 Grand Final were played at Royal Park today.

It was four seasons in a day (well maybe not summer) but sunshine, wind and rain all played a part.

Harley Vague quickly summarised today's matches before putting on the glad rags and heading to the gala.

R.S.A. Lions defeat France Coqs in an entertaining game.

Division #1 Positions 9&10 Playoff.   R.S.A. Lions  Vs  France Coqs.

It’s a rather a disappointing situation for the R.S.A. Lions that they have found themselves in, sliding after years of progressing up the rankings. The position of the France Coqs is not so unexpected. It’s a big step up from second division to first division for them. In a good display of football both teams were able to open up open up and score. The R.S.A. drew away in the final stages playing like the Lions of old.

R.S.A. Lions   7 goals  9 behinds = 51 points  defeated  France les Coqs  3 goals  3 behinds =  21 points

Chinese Dragons have edge over Japan Samurai neighbours.

Division #2 Positions 3&4 Playoff.    China Dragons Vs  Japan Samurai.

Bothe teams have been a surprise improvement. The Japan Samaurai  have been a welcome addition to the winners circle after years of struggling to impress on the scoreboard.  They were unlucky  to be bundled out by the physical Croatia Knights in the last game. The China Dragons have improved relatively quickly and they forced out by the German Eagles, another physical team. It might be said that finals football wins out over good football.In the “battle of Asia” it was a very close affair all day with China edging Japan and holding on to will in a low scoring affair with much of the play on the dead wing.  Jamie Pi was chaired off after the match, going out on a high after completing his fourth IC tournament for China.

China  Dragons  4 goals  8 behinds = 32 points    dfd    Japan Samurai  3 goals  5 behinds =  23 points.

European Crusaders dominate the Pakistan Shaheens women’s team

Women  Positions 7&8 Playoff.     European Crusaders  Vs  Pakistan Shaheens.

It’s been a tough outing for both teams. The European Crusaders have played some good football but that was almost always in defence.  They were unfortunate not to trouble the scoreboard more.  The situation for the Pakistan Shaheens women’s team has been more predictable, with football for them being more in the developmental stage - they were always going to struggle. Play was very congested and sometimes the entire group of players were within the 45m arc. The European Crusaders won with a predictable result with the Shaheens managing to score a maiden goal.

Europe Crusaders 8 goals 16 behinds = 64 points dfd Pakistan Shaheen 1 goal 0 behinds = 6 points

Fiji Vonu consolidate their improvement with a win over P.N.G. Flames

Women  Positions  5&6 Playoff.     Fiji Vonu   Vs   P.N.G. Flames

The women’s division has been another close affair with percentage determining positions three through to six.  Both P.N.G. and Fiji have seen significant development in women’s football and it’s no surprise that they are competing so strongly and could found themselves in a higher position. 

The Vonu were extremely unlucky not to defeat the Northern Lights in the very first game. A win there might have ste the the Fiji Vonu up for the grand final (all things being equal). The Flames started slower and have ramped up whilst the Vonu have trailed off a bit. With both teams playing a similar style of football and it was thought to be a very competitive game. Playing in a strong wind much of the play often found it’s way to the dead wing. The Flames were a chance in the 3rd quarter  but the Vonu drew away and maintained control.

Fiji Vonu   5 goals 7 behinds  = 37 points  defeated    P.N.G. Flames   1  goals 1 behinds = 7 points

Canada Northwind just hold off Fiji tribe in close affair.

Division #1 Positions 7&8 Playoff.    Fiji Tribe   Vs   Canada Northwind

Knowing how better prepared the Canada Northwind  was for this competition than the last International Cup it was surprising not to see any improvement on the scoreboard by them. Indeed the Fiji Tribe are also a much improved team from their last appearance with considerable investment again.  This game was always going to be an interesting  clash. They are equally matched but of differing styles. True to form this was a close and interesting match. Surprising the styles of play did not clash. Canada established a small lead and hung on resolutely for a narrow win.

Canada Northwind 3 goals 6 behinds = 24 points defeated Fiji tribe 2 goals 9 behinds = 21


Pakistan Shaheens repeat their win over arch rival Indian Bombers in the sub-continent derby.

Division #2 Positions 7&8 Playoff.    Pakistan Shaheens  Vs  India  Bombers

These two teams are very evenly matched.  Their losses are very similar and when they played each other in round three there was a close win to Pakistan. These two countries take any sort of competition between themselves as very serious and there was expected to be a big crowd in attendance.

Both India and Pakistan are still developing. Pakistan were unable to bring the players they wanted from the homeland so the men’s team has a lot in common with the team of 2014. The Shaheens were always in control in a wet and cold Western Oval. 

India's Sudip Chakraborty suffered a broken arm early in the match.

Pakistan Shaheens   6g   7b =  43 points defeated  Indian Bombers  4g 2 behinds =26

Croatan Knights dominate European neighbours German Eagles to become Division two premiers

Division #2 Grand Final for positions 1&2.     Germany Eagles  Vs  Croatia Knights

Both the German Eagles and the Croatian Knights teams moved into the Grand Final by defeating the other’s  pool leader. For both teams it is their maiden International Cup appearance and both teams play a similar physical style of play. Of course both have played each other Europe and have a  healthy respect for each other.  The descriptor “clash” is literal for this game.  The Germans stayed with the Croatians for one quarter then the Croatians drew further and further away.  Celebrations ensued, including one or more flares and a duck.

Croatian Knights 11 goals 8 behinds =  74 points defeated German Eagles 1 goal 2 behinds = 8 points

G.B. Swans come from behind to defeat U.S.A.Freedom in exciting win.

Women  Positions 3&4 U.S.A. Freedom  Vs  G.B. Swans

These two teams have seen great improvement and the women’s competition has been very tight. The Canadian Northern Lights went within a whisker of going done to Fiji. The G.B Swans only went down to Irish banshees in the final minutes. Both teams styles of play and team make-up are similar so this should be a very close affair. In very close affair the G.B. Swans kicked the last two goals late in the quarter to come from behind and defeat the U.S.A. Freedom

G.B. Swans 5 goals 2 behinds = 32 point defeated U.S.A. Freedom 4 goals 1 behind = 25 points

Division #2  Positions 5&6 Playoff.    Sri Lanka Lions  Vs  Indonesia Garudas

It’s a much better Indonesia Garudas that has returned to the International Cup this year. They started with a win over the Sri Lankan Lions and today faced a replay. The Sri Lankans have been surprisingly good for their first attempt after having been formed for only about a year.  The result was closer this time as the Sri Lankans have picked up confidence and experience as the competition has progressed and the Sri Lankans ran out winners by a point.   Was the result due to Sri Lanka's accuracy or Indonesia's inaccuracy?

Sri Lanka 7g 2 b = 44 points to Indonesia 5g 13b = 43 points

Ireland Warriors too experienced for U.S.A Revolution.

Division #1 Positions 2&3 Playoff.  U.S.A. Revolution  Vs  Ireland Warriors

The men’s division one has been a tight affair with one grand final place being decided by percentage. The U.S.A. Revolution  have seen a big improvement and the Irish Warriors are as strong as ever. The U.S.A. Revolution held there own but could threaten the lead. The Irish Warriors drew away in the final quarter.  It should be noted that a number of Irish players that previously competed in the tournament were absent today.

Ireland Warriors 7 goals 6 behinds =  48points  dftd   U.S.A. Revolution 2 goals  4 behinds = 16 points

Nauru Chiefs are too experiencied for G.B.Bulldogs in low scoring game.

Division #1  Positions 5&6 G.B. Bulldogs  Vs   Nauru Chiefs

Always a relatively close match on the scoreboard and on the field in the end the Nauruan had better finishing and composure with ball in hand.

Nauru 8g 5b = 53 points    defeated G.B Bulldogs 5g 2b = 32 points