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2018 All India Footy Carnival

  • Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 01:27 pm ACDT
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Mumbai Footy, in association with Reclink India and Reclink Australia, has commenced the promotion of their 2018 All India Footy Carnival to be played in October. According to their press releases and accompanying itinerary for Australians to travel over to Mumbai for the events, visitors and local fans alike will be treated to an amazing football experience.

According to their combined promotional releases, “We [Mumbai Footy and Reclink India] are thrilled to announce the program for the 2018 All India Footy Carnival. Now timed as the perfect post-season footy trip in October, the carnival also coincides with Diwali, the biggest celebration on the Hindu festival calendar.”

“This year we take in the thriving footy scene in Jaipur before heading to Mumbai for three days of footy development, competition and fun. For many past participants this trip has been a hugely rewarding experience. This is a deep immersion into the India experience with the common language and love of footy at its core.”

“We are hoping to get at least fifteen Aussies over for the carnival. If you cannot manage the full week away you are welcome to join us for just the carnival in Mumbai (4 to 8 Oct).”

“Importantly, proceeds from your participation go directly to the running of the carnival. Twenty-five travelling Aussies will cover the entire budgeted carnival – that includes travel, lodging, food and event costs for two hundred players from around India!”

“The time and energy of all our travelling group is deeply appreciated by local players which makes this trip perfect for individual participation and for clubs looking for a unique angle on building a robust and socially-aware team culture.”

For more information contact Lincoln Harris at lincolnunbound@gmail.com

Enquiries in India – Sumesh Sawant sumeshafl007@yahoo.com

The itinerary for footy fans who may wish to travel to India for the event also adds:

“Now in its 7th year, the Mumbai Footy Cup has evolved into the ‘All India Australian Rules
Football Carnival’ - a celebration of Aussie Rules Footy. The carnival uses a participation based
model to bring together players from across India, Asia, and Australia, with the aim of building
a sense of community around footy in India and creating linkages between India and

“People travelling to Jaipur and Mumbai with our contingent will have the opportunity to share
skills and knowledge through playing, coaching, mentoring and running clinics during the
carnival. We strongly encourage non-playing/coaching people to come along – there is a role
for everyone. We would love to have more women involved and the fun/safe environment is
perfect for parents and teenage kids to share a powerful footy/travel experience.”

“You'll get a chance to explore and experience Jaipur and Mumbai 'like a local' alongside
players from each city who will be proud to show you their home town.”

“Proceeds from your visit go towards carnival costs and footy development in India. Your
involvement is therefore not only a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit India and participate
in an amazing footy carnival but also a chance to support the game's growth amongst low income
families in Mumbai and beyond.”

“Reclink India promotes Aussie Rules Football in Mumbai and builds connections between football communities in India and Australia https://www.facebook.com/AussieRulesFootyMumbai/ and http://australianrulesfootballmumbai.com/”