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Via Sport bringing AFLX to Bali school children this weekend

  • Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 03:45 pm ACDT
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 There have been many different mechanisms of bringing the game of Australia football to the world. And while Aussie rules football might not be new to Indonesia and even to Bali the game is still largely unknown by most Indonesians.

A group of school children in Bali have been experiencing an education in Australian football over the past few weeks and this weekend will take part in a tournament to be played in the new AFLX format.

The organisation that is putting in all the hard work to make this happen is Via Sport. Via Sport provides innovative education programs for students & volunteers through utilising sport as a medium for diplomacy & development.



Alex Horton from Via Sport will be running the tournament in Bali tomorrow and told us “there will be 8 schools competing with each school hosting both a boys and girls team. The carnival is going to be going over the course of a day and the Australian Consulate General to Bali will be in attendance.”

 You can find more about the tournament and the work of Via Sport at their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/viasportngo/

Check out the following videos from captains of the boy’s and girl’s teams below. The first interview with Calista Dwiaida, captain of the Sma harapan mulia girls squad, as she prepares for or upcoming AFLX format tournament in Denpasar.

Translation: "Hello, my name is Calista Dwiaida, captain for SMA HARAPAN MULIA female team


Australian Football is so fun because we were trained by foreigners. It feels great.

I gained so much from this training, such as new knowledge about sport that we've just learned of.

For the competition, from 1-100%, I guess 80% we are ready for it

For other schools, we'll see who is gonna win"

"My name is Danuja Askar from SMA HARAPAN MULIA. I am captain for male team

Australian Football is fun and it makes me know about this new sport

The benefit from the training is improving teamwork and it also makes me know how to play AFL

80% I am ready for the competition.  Let's see who is gonna win."