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Bullants Too Good For Bombers – CAFL (Colombia)

  • Monday, March 12 2018 @ 11:14 am ACDT
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South America
After just two games of the CAFL season in Bogotá, Colombia, the Bogotá Bullants have already announced themselves as the team to beat. Whilst the pre-season drafting has certainly made the three -team competition competitive, it is already clear that the talent pool at the Bullants runs deep and it will take a big turnaround from the Bogotá Bombers and DC Aguilas to take down the Bullants.

For three quarters the Bullants and Bombers were evenly matched. Scores were level at quarter-time and the Bullants led by just three points at the main beak. The Bombers won the final quarter. However, it was the third quarter where the inner Bullant was unleashed as they piled on seven goals to break the game open and set up victory by 30 points.
Paddy Smallwood from the CAFL reported that, “it was a reasonably tight game except the third quarter where the Bullants stepped up and set up the win with a powerful performance. The Bombers fought back in the last, but ultimately couldn't match the fire power of the Bullants forward line who are now two from two. The next game will see the DC Aguilas play the Bombers in two weeks’ time, with both teams searching for their first win of the season.”

“Matt Szaraz kicked seven goals for the Bullants to take his tally to 19 goals in two games. Best players for the Bullants were Matt Szaraz, Spuda Quinn and Yessid Gonzalez. Best for the Bombers were Trav Crockett, Chris Payne and Wham Penolosa.”

Final Scores:
Quarter Time: Bullants 5 8 38 to Bombers 5 8 38
Half Time: Bullants 8 8 56 to Bombers 7 12 54
Three Quarter Time: Bullants 15 10 100 to Bombers 8 13 61
Full Time: Bullants 19 11 125 to Bombers 13 17 95