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Aguilas To Meet Bullants In Bogota Grand Final

  • Friday, May 25 2018 @ 08:12 pm ACST
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South America
After downing the Bogota Bombers on the weekend, the DC Aguilas have earned the right to meet the Bogota Bullants in the inaugural AFL Colombia grand final. It has been a wonderful first season for the fledgling league, setting up a permanency for the game in years to come. Whilst there were twists and turns along the way, with the Bombers finding form late to challenge, the two best performed teams will ultimately go to the big dance.

Final Scores: DC Aguilas 23 11 149 d Bogota Bombers 12 15 87

AFL Colombia president, Paddy Smallwood, reported from Bogota that, “this definitely ramped up to be the biggest match of the regular season. A rematch of what was the most intense contest of the season, it was do-or-die for the Blue Studies Bombers against the Gourmet Burger Bar Bogota D.C. Aguilas who were sitting pretty at the top of the ladder.”

“Missing Andrew Fletcher , who helped sink the foot into the Bogota Craft Beer Bullants, may have had them a bit worried, but the Bombers surely still felt relatively confident with gun goalkicking Santa Martan Paddy Quinn and record goal scorer “Wham” York Peñalosa, as well as rugby blow-ins like Camilo Medina.”

“The first quarter kicked off event-free, though the Aguilas did lose Miguel Pacheco Sailaku relatively early due to an injured leg and although the Bombers got more opportunities and shots on goal, they were spoiled by inaccuracy, falling short of the Aguilas 2-4 to 4-0.”

“The second quarter didn’t improve on the ledger with some phenomenal pressure being placed on the Bombers and big man Sam Miller dominating in the middle. The Bombers still had the spoil of opportunities but continued with an unexpected streak of inaccurate shots going down 4-5 to 6-2.’

“By halftime the bombers were kicking themselves for what was a weird funk in missed goals but they would soon be hit by further misfortune, having to lose their two rugby players and having no players on the bench. By this time the Aguilas were surely feeling the confidence as they started to pull one over and increased the differential to 102-66. Captain Paddy and one day ringer Brad Arnold twisted the knife with some excellent goals and contests alongside the freakishly dominant Sam.”

“By the fourth quarter, the Bombers were all but spent. Goal after goal left Chris Payne and Travis Crockett ruing the missed chances at the start of the match as the Aguilas topped it off at 149-87, which wasn’t nearly as much of a blowout as the Bombers-Bullants game and surely has the Bullants shaking in their footy boots for the final.”

Best Players:

Aguilas: Sam Miller, Torres Sergio, Paddy Smallwood, Brad Arnold
Bombers: York “Wham” Peñalosa, Paddy Quinn, Liam Oh Konel, Camilo Medina