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AFL Japan GO League - Osaka Dingoes vs Senshu Powers

  • Thursday, February 21 2019 @ 11:00 pm ACDT
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AFL Japan GO League Round 3 - Osaka Dingoes versus Senshu Powers

Saturday 16 February 2019 7:20 pm - Izumi Sports Village, Kaiduka, Osaka Prefecture

By Yoshi Imagawa Osaka Dingoes player & Public Relations Officer

The Osaka Dingoes hosted a GO League match for the second time in 2019. The match was played in quite windy conditions at five degrees under lights at a soccer field on a hill. Eight players on each side were fielded because of Dingoes’ players availability. The home side had no interchange player available.

The first quarter started with intense and tight contests. Our tall blokes Shane Carrillo and Ryan Archer took incept marks, but young university student Powers tackled hard on Shane and our American midfielder Jarrett Bailey.

The player coach Matt Gale had an opportunity to score a goal in seven minutes, but only a minor score was awarded. Two minutes later, Senshu’s Hirano took a mark and kicked with 30 degrees angle and it brought a first goal of the match.Then at 11-minute our ruck and skipper Dan Perry was tackled and twisted his knee. He was carried off the field and sadly his season is over. The American ended goalless minutes in 13 minutes. He took a mark right close to the goal square and has done the job.

In the beginning of second quarter, Powers dominated with efficient kicks and ball uses. Three minutes into the quarter, Archer’s kick was turned over and the University team got an opportunity. Chikada took a mark and scored a goal with a long kick.  After the bounce, Bailey found open space and shot quickly, but it was just a behind.  He regained the ball soon after and kicked long. It was taken by Gale and he has done his job nicely.

Archer took a mark in our back line and the opponent crossed the mark. Archer was awarded a 30-metre penalty.  When he was to kick, the Power crossed the mark again. Young Arch was awarded his second in a row penalty and kicked his last goal in Japan before flying back to Melbourne the following day.

Learning from mistakes, young Powers pushed hard towards their goal square. Within a few minutes, Murata kicked highly to the middle. Six points were awarded to the opponent.  Two minutes later, Murata won the contested mark against Carrillo and kicked another goal.  Several turn overs were marked for both sides, but neither side scored a goal before the main break.

In the third quarter young Powers picked up ball fast after Arch handpassed at the first minute of the third quarter and they dominated with fast football.  Archer’s mate, Junya Mori took a mark making a turn over at the last minute of the third quarter. He has got a right angle and kicked his first goal on his first day to play footy.

The last quarter was more of the same, Powers dominated and kicked efficiently. But in the four-minute, Gale kicked a goal with his great experience. Unpredicted circumstances hit me at the last quarter. Sore muscles hit my legs. Once I got up and was back on the run, but in the five-minute pains got heavier and I was taken off the field by an opponent player.

Now only six Dingoes were on field, while I was having massage performed by the opposition’s manager.   I intended to have gone back on playing, but soon after the final siren sounded.

Final score was Dingoes 6.5 (41) to Powers 13.8 (86).

Osaka Dingoes: Gale 2, Bailey 2, Archer, Mori
Senshu Powers: Hirano 6, Murata 4, Uehara, Chikada, Kimura

Please note that match replay is available on AFL Japan's YouTube channel.