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Aguilas Bring Down Bombers In Bogota

  • Sunday, August 18 2019 @ 09:29 am ACST
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South America
The AFL Colombia season continued last weekend with the DC Aguilas took good for the Bogota Bombers. The following story contains the match report from Bogota.

Saturday held another excellent windy match as the Bogotá Bombers took on the D.C. Aguilas.

This match again stretched the abilities of our players, with teams of 11 and no substitutes, wreaking havoc on less prepared teammates.

both teams played a typical midfield with the bombers lining up Chris Payne, Oscar Marin and Alonso against the returning Sam Miller, always dangerous Dominic Fuentes and Santiago Espinosa.

The Aguilas while keeping the always secure Andy Farrington at back, and sat York Peñalosa and Andrew Heath Sloan up front, with a surprise Reece Richardson at full forward.

The Bombers opted for traditional forward Tristan Quigley in the forwards alongside newcomer Luke O'Sullivan and James Bondy Moore. They then placed the exciting Daniela up back alongside other newcomer Estas Vas Vas Llegas.

While the Bombers had the wind, both teams squandered many opportunities.

Sam showed some expected rustiness, kicking some kicks wide, and Reece missing an open goal from sheer nervousness.

Juan Puentes kicked a behind alongside Sam, Reece and Tristan, with Sam kicking the lone goal to bring the Aguilas 6 ahead.

This was quickly answered by 4 behinds from the Bombers, with two coming from a marauding Chris Payne, another from Tristan and Oscar.

This brought the game close with the Aguilas ahead 8-6 at end of 1st quarter.

While the Aguilas were ahead, there was a reshuffle in their ranks as they brought Reece back to the more expected Defensive side to play off Tristan and Alex Raf getting moved to forward.

This led to Raf opening up the points with a quick behind, but this was then answered by a typical Payney break-away, smashing a goal over their forward's heads.

Several more behinds were scored by Tristan, Johnatan Sanchez, wham and Faz before Sam dialed in another booming goal.

The defensive halves of both teams did a tremendous job keeping the forwards off-edge, with both goals being scored by midfielders.

The tightness of this quarter led the Aguilas to edge out the bombers by only 1 extra point bringing it up to 18-15.

Both teams managed to score two goals a piece with Sam and Dom keeping it going for the Aguilas and Luke and Alonso returning the favor.

It was less pretty for the Bombers forwards, as they managed to hit 5 behinds, missing a number of good opportunities, and Tristan disappearing from the action.

Wham also had a quiet quarter dropping some crucial marks, but Miguel Pacheco Sailaku played some good football on the wing, making some daring runs. Alvaro bounced back from the 1st quarter, and took on Luke in a memorable moment of the match.

This evened the scoreboards at 32-32 with some great midfield action especially with @oscar and Johan being bright spots for the Bombers. Harianny Murillo Castro made another excellent showing in the midfield, as well and was looking comfortable on the field and Santiago continued to be dominant in the midfield putting good pressure on the Bombers.

The 4th quarter then rolled through with Sloaney being the hero of the quarter scoring a slate of goals alongside Dom and Sam, hitting 7 goals and 3 behinds. The bombers only managed to respond with 2 goals and 0 behinds, partly due to Tristan's absence from the action and a late hamstring injury for Luke, who courageously played on.

The game finished 71- 44 leaving this competition wide open as the Aguilas look towards lining up against the @speak to me Bogota Bullants.

Gourmet Burger Bar Bogota D.C. Aguilas 10.11.71 Def. Blue Studies International Bombers 5.14.44

Best on Field
Bogota Bombers: Chris Payne, Oscar Marin, Johnatan Sanchez, Alonso Fuentes, James Moore
D.C. Aguilas: Sam Miller, Dominic Fuentes, Santiago Espinosa, Andrew Sloan, Andrew Farrington