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Toreadors and Blues Impress – CNFA

  • Sunday, October 20 2019 @ 12:36 pm ACDT
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The new French footy season got under way this weekend with matches in Paris and Toulouse. Whilst two of the results were not surprising, one was down in Toulouse. On paper, the Paris Cockerels, Paris Cockatoos and Bayonne Toreadors were first round winners. However, the games had more to say than that.

The Paris Cockerels were hosting the newcomers, the Antony Blues. It is unlikely that the Blues could find a harder initiation, yet they kept the Cockerels honest all day. The final margin was 40 points, yet that does not do Antony justice.

The Cockerels led by just a point at the first break after both teams kicked five goals. By the half-time break the Cockerels led by twenty points, but still hadn’t shaken the Blues off. Going into the final term, 30 points separated the teams and the Cockerels scrapped to edge further ahead by the final siren.

Scores: Paris Cockerels 21 23 149 d Antony Blues 16 13 109

The Cockatoos had to work hard for their win over the ALFA Lions. The Lions stormed out of the blocks kicking seven goals to three in the opening term. By half-time they still held a narrow lead by a solitary goal. After the main break, the Cockatoos moved up a gear to kick six goals and hold a 10-point lead at the final change, and kept that momentum going to run out winners by 23 points.

Scores: Paris Cockatoos 22 12 144 d ALFA Lions 18 13 121

In Toulouse, the Bayonne Toreadors showed no fear against the previous season’s grand-finalists. Despite playing away, Bayonne kicked seven unanswered first quarter goals. That set the tone for the match, with Stade Toulousain already well behind. An even second quarter saw the Toreadors up by 45 points at the main break. The second half remained tight before the Toreadors held their opening term dominance to win by 48 points in a great start to the new season – sending a message to all teams that they mean business.

Scores: Bayonne Toreadors 116 d Stade Toulousain 68

The other scheduled match for the weekend between Stade Toulousain 2 and the Bordeaux Bombers has been postponed until later in the season.