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AFL Japan/Asia Special Game - Osaka Dingoes vs Mongolian Wolves

  • Thursday, October 24 2019 @ 10:08 am ACDT
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Recently established Mongolian Wolves and AFL Japan GO League club, Osaka Dingoes had organised a special match to gain experiences and to enjoy the Australian Rules for both sides.

It was held on Saturday, 19 October 2019 at Izumi Sports Village in the wider Osaka Region. The match was the first competing one for the visitor in their history.

Rain had poured the previous night and occasionally on the game day. The game started at 5.20 pm with wet conditions in a soccer pitch with artificial grasses.

Wolves with experienced players (their average age is 42) and Dingoes with mixed in ages, heights and nationalities played close at first quarter. Both sides attacked and defended, and scored three goals each other. The visitor led by one point at the first break.

Experienced and taller Wolves dominated the second quarter winning contests and leading well. They kicked four goals in the quarter while the home side kicked three. Margin extended to nine at main break.

Dingoes fought hard running fast and kicking smoothly on the wing to get more opportunities to score goals. Also the home team chased footy hard. Dingoes scored 3.2 while the Mongolian side did 2.2.

The home side kept playing hard and scored quick goals. But rain started pouring on the field and Wolves took advantages in players’ heights in contests as well as their experiences helped. They laid more tackles and were awarded more free kicks to create more opportunities to score goals.

The match was close but the travellers won by five points.

First Canine Cup was handed to the Wolves and the Cup was brought to Mongolia.

It was a great game for both of Wolves and Dingoes who need more game experiences towards better clubs.

Osaka Dingoes 3.1 6.2 9.3 13.3 (81)
Mongolian Wolves 3.2 7.5 9.7 13.8 (86)