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AFL England National University League Under Way

  • Sunday, November 24 2019 @ 11:59 am ACDT
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The opening round of the National University League was played last weekend, hosted by Oxford University. The day was won by Cambridge University in the men’s division, winning both of their games against Oxford University and South Wales Universities, as did the women in their matches.

The conditions were not ideal for footy, but that didn’t stop all teams from hurling themselves at the ball all day. In the first two men’s matches, the Cambridge crew won their matches against both Oxford and South Wales by comfortable margins before Oxford won the last men’s match by 72 points against South Wales.

In the women’s draw, a similar pattern appeared with Cambridge wining both of their clashes. However, in the final game it was the South Wales women’s team that thrashed Oxford.

The results see Cambridge University heading both the men’s and women’s ladders. University of Birmingham did not play Round 1, but will host Round 2 on December 7th.

Final Scores:

Men: Oxford 4.2 (26) lost to Cambridge 7.5 (47)
Men: Cambridge 11.8 (74) South Wales 3.2 (20)
Men: Oxford: 15.8 (98) South Wales 4.1 (25)
Women: Cambridge 7.4 (46) South Wales 2.0 (12)
Women: Cambridge 12.17 (89) Oxford 0.1 (1)
Women: Oxford 1.2 (8) lost to South Wales 7.13 (55)