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Fancy A Holiday In Hawaii?

  • Friday, January 10 2020 @ 07:43 pm ACDT
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Maybe there is a club out there somewhere that is considering an exotic location for a pre-season match. Similarly, clubs may look at options for end of season trips. Either way, the Hawaii Eagles Australian Rules Football Club has an offer.

Whilst they cannot pay a club to visit them, they have booked their local footy grounds and base for dates across 2020, and extend an invitation for clubs to consider visiting Hawaii to play against them.

According to their own Facebook page:

We're looking to host 2020 opponents!

All of these dates [see picture] we have booked at Kapiolani Park (yes, the place in the photo). If we have an opponent, we will play them. If we don't have a visiting team, we will be playing a metro match that day.

We have Calgary Kangaroos Australian Football Club coming to play on February 15th for Hawai'i Eagles vs. Calgary Kangaroos. If we have more than one visiting team on any day, awesome! We'll make a tournament out of it.

Questions and answers:

Q. Do we need to field a full team of 18 (or 22)?
A. No! You can bring over as many people as you can. If we don't have numbers to do full 18 a side, then we'll scale down and loan you players to even numbers out.

Q. I can't get a team to Hawai'i, but I'd personally love to come join while on holiday. Is that cool?
A. Absolutely! If you want to play footy when we have a match, we will find a spot for you.

Q. Can we play a women's game in Hawai'i?
A. We don't have the numbers to field a full women's side (yet), but we've been co-ed from the get go, and would love to play a co-ed match against anyone.

Q. Are there places to stay near where you play,will logistics be a nightmare?
A. Yes! Kapiolani Park is at the end of Waikiki. It's easy walking distance from any hotels, especially the ones along Kapahulu. We can help arrange flights, airport transit, lodging, etc. if you need.

Q. Playing footy in Hawai'i seems great, but we need more of a reason to go than just to play a game. If we go, are you guys gonna party with us, or what?
A. Absolutely! Our game is to play in the afternoon, then immediately move the after party across the street to Kaimana Beach for grilling, drinks, swimming, and quality bonding with our footy family.

Q. You're a United States Australian Football League club, but my team is from Scotland, New Zealand, Fiji, Colombia, Canada, Thailand, or anywhere else in the world, is that cool?
A. Absolutely! We are proud members of the USAFL, but we'll welcome anyone that wants to come play us from anywhere in the world.

So shoot us a facebook https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiEagles/ message or
E-mail us at HawaiiEaglesARFC@gmail.com
And let's get this party started!

Sounds like a fantastic opportunity for clubs beginning or ending a season. It also gives a huge boost to the Eagles as they prepare for their USAFL Nationals debut in October.

The dates for potential games at Kapiolani Park, under one of Hawaii’s most famous backdrops are:

January 25th, February 15th, March 28th, April 18th, May 30th, June 27th, July 25th, August 29th, September 26th, October 24th, November 21st.