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National University League – Round Three

  • Tuesday, January 28 2020 @ 03:14 pm ACDT
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The third round of the National University League was played last weekend in Cardiff, hosted by the South wales Universities team. By the end of the day, the South Wales women had booked their place in the grand final. They will not play in the final round, enjoying the bye.

In the men’s competition, University of Birmingham have almost certainly achieved the same, undefeated with two games to play. They can still lose top spot should things turn pear shaped in the final round, but that is not a high likelihood.

According to the National University League Facebook page:

Another round of the 2019/20 NUL season is in the books and it's set up an exciting Round 4 in Cambridge.
The big story is that South Wales Students Australian Rules Football women are through to their first NUL Grand Final as minor premiers. Having finished the 2018/19 season with a 1-5 record, they flipped it around and finished 5-1 to become the first team this season guaranteed a spot in the Grand Final.

Behind them, it's a battle between Cambridge and Birmingham for the second Grand Final spot.

Meanwhile, defending Men's Division champions Oxford will need two wins from their final two matches to have any chance of making it through to the Men's Grand Final.

Men's Division
South Wales Universities 3.10 (28) def. by University of Oxford 5.8 (38)
South Wales Universities 4.3 (27) def. by University of Birmingham 9.7 (61)
University of Oxford 8.8 (56) def. by University of Birmingham 10.10 (70)

Women's Division
South Wales Universities 8.11 (59) def. University of Birmingham 1.7 (13)
South Wales Universities 11.14 (80) def. University of Oxford 2.2 (14)
University of Oxford 0.5 (5) def. by University of Birmingham 4.4 (28)

Round 4 of the National University league will be hosted by Cambridge University on 22nd February.

All information and images provided by National University League and AFL England.