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Mason Cox Meets Pat McAfee

  • Monday, April 13 2020 @ 07:06 pm ACST
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North America Back in the aftermath of Round 1, before the AFL had to suspend the 2020 season, American sports commentator Pat McAfee expressed a love for our game. Sporting codes across his own nation had already been in recess leaving little to watch. AFL games filled the Fox Sports void and McAfee became a convert.

The clip below sees Collingwood's "American Pie" spend time explaining the finer points of our game to McAfee. The result is definitely worth watching, and could lead to even greater awareness of our game across the United States.

[youtube:cEy4W243srY] To understand better the journey Mason Cox has taken to play AFL at the highest level of Australian Football, the following article by Marc McGowan at www.afl.com.au is worth a read as well.

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