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USAFL Still Eyeing Californian Nationals

  • Monday, May 04 2020 @ 01:27 pm ACST
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As the United States of America struggles with the devastation wrought by COVID-19, all facets of community are still looking ahead to life beyond the virus. The USAFL also has its eyes on a future after coronavirus and a new update from the USAFL Executive Board to club presidents addresses their vision and steps required to get there.

The following excerpts from the release paint a hopeful picture, whilst acknowledging that much has to yet happen in the nation with regard to control of the disease, including eradication, and that the situation is still evolving on a daily basis.

“We are still hoping that we will be able to play tournament footy within the coming months. Therefore, our current plan is for the USAFL to support and promote smaller local tournaments, once it is safe and permitted to do so, later in the summer and fall.”

“The goal with this alternative plan is to limit the size of these tournaments and reduce the need for air travel as much as possible. Financial support will be granted through a host application process (based on the tournament grant concept). The aim will be to provide the opportunity for all clubs access to tournament football with financial support provided by the USAFL.”

“The situation remains very fluid. States and counties are following different guidelines and timelines. Due to the unique needs and circumstances for each locality, the USAFL is not in a position to set a universal return date for returning to football activities. However, we must ask you to continue to follow the advice, guidelines and policies set by your respective local authorities and to keep your communities’ safety as a top priority.”

“We are still very much looking forward to Nationals 2020 in Ontario California. We are hopeful that we will be able to hold the tournament, which so many of us look forward to all year. October 2020 is just over five months away, and much can change in that time so it is critically important that we all remain in regular contact over the coming months. In the meantime, the USAFL continues to work to prepare for our best tournament to date and we will continue to share any updates as they become available.”

The USAFL Nationals are scheduled for October in Ontario, California. Whilst COVID-19 is across the nation, the New York/New Jersey area has recorded almost 450,000 cases with over 25,000 deaths. By comparison, though still tragic, California has recorded over 50,000 cases with over 2,000 deaths. On face value that data suggests that the USA’s west coast has, to date, been spared the devastation of the eastern seaboard.

Should national figures continue a downward trend, it appears that the nationals may well be possible with five months to go. The situation with club and regional competitions will be governed by ongoing progress and change within the relevant jurisdictions.

To view the full document from the USAFL Executive Board, go to: https://usafl.com/news/20200501/2020-...son-update