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Bulldogs The Pride Of Colombia

  • Sunday, May 17 2020 @ 01:24 pm ACST
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South America In a few short years, the Bogota Bulldogs have both added to the sporting mosaic of Colombia as well as providing an international Australian Football competition and rivalry in South America along with the Santiago Saints in Chile. Some may see the game in Colombia as an exotic outpost for the game, others just another sport. Then there are those (like me) who see football in Colombia as an important frontier in the natural expansion of our game.

In these COVID-19 times, where the world waits for footy to resume again across the world, we have two film clips briefly showcasing the game in Bogota. The 2018 Grand Final between the DC Aguilas and Bogota Bullants, as well as the Fossil Cup of 2019 between the Bogota Bulldogs representing South America against the Austin Crows from Texas representing North America. Both were historic occasions and recently released to the club's YouTube channel.

2018 CAFL (Colombia Australian Football League) Grand Final - DC Aguilas v Bogota Bullants


The 2019 Fossil Cup - Bogota Bulldogs v Austin Crows, or Texas v Colombia, or South America v North America.