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Membership To Drive Perpignan Tigers

  • Thursday, June 18 2020 @ 08:25 pm ACST
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For decades, the AFL’s 18 clubs have survived due to two key factors – television rights and supporter membership. The Perpignan Tigers in southern France have opted to take a leaf from the AFL’s book and attract their own members.

This is a first in France where a club has turned to its own supporters to become members of the club and help support the club financially.

As noted by the club, traditional sponsorship for clubs has become very difficult in COVID-19 times. Businesses all over the world, and certainly in France, are doing things tough. Many are simply unable to operate at all and with no revenue they don’t have the ability to set aside funds for sponsoring. Other businesses have put off staff and trimmed back every possible cost to try and remain viable.

In this environment, clubs everywhere are needing to revue how they raise the money necessary to keep clubs on the field. Whilst no clubs currently are on the field, it is the ideal time to rebuild and make decisions for the future.

This is where the Perpignan Tigers have come up with a proven idea at AFL level, and across clubs elsewhere in the world, and generated revenue. However, it is revenue with reward – intrinsically they offer the pride and joy in being a part of the clubs survival. Extrinsically, there are flags, stickers, vouchers and even a drink promised. According to their own promotion:

“Be a member! Support the club by becoming a Perpignan Tigers member. Each member will get a flag, a sticker, a voucher for our next e-shop, and a free drink one match day. All the members participate actively to the club development and sustainability.”

If wanting to order your own membership pack (with free worldwide shipping) you can go to: https://cutt.ly/membership2020

“Thank you from the whole team and we are looking forward you'll be part of it!”

The Tigers have already been busy during the CNFA off-season preparing for another chance in the national competition. Recently, our story on the club’s progress (see Tigers To Roar Again In France?) highlighted recruiting and recent performances on field at the 2019 Movember Cup. Now, with an innovative approach to financial viability, the Tigers are setting a shining example to all French clubs and also clubs across Europe and beyond.