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Full International Matches Return

  • Tuesday, August 16 2022 @ 01:26 pm ACST
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North America

                                 49th Parallel Cup 2022 

International Footy made another post Covid recovery leap with Canada hosting the United States inToronto for the 2022 edition of the 49th Parallel Cup on 13th August. This follows a two year hiatus of the Cup due to the covid pandemic. The EURO CUP 9's tournament in Scotland back on 18th July was the first tentative steps back in International footy so it is great to see  a Full side comeback at last.

The United States national team Revolution were 10 point victors over Canada's North Wind 7.7 (49) - 6.3 (39). The win continues the USA's dominance over Canada in 49th Parallel Cup contests 13 - 1.

Northwind's only win was way back in 2007. I believe USA was also victorious in the development teams match played prior to the Cup match.