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Legion vs AIS-AFL coverage on AFL website

  • Monday, April 25 2011 @ 10:04 am ACST
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We'll have full match reports of the weekend's matches in London on WFN within a few days, but in the meantime, the AFL's website have a review of the AIS vs European Legion available here.

The AIS-AFL Academy team was, as expected, a very well-drilled and skillful outfit, and far too strong for their young European opposition. However, the Europeans can take some encouragement that in future they might well be able to say that they've played against young men who went on to be stars of the AFL.

Lop-sided matches always stir up passionate debate in international footy, whether it's New Zealand beating India by over 200 points at the IC08, the Convicts pounding a novice Spanish side in Madrid, the French being outclassed by the expat Australians at the annual ANZAC match, or the difficulties faced by local-based regional English clubs in fielding a team to compete against Aussie expat-dominated London sides in the 1990s-era BARFL.

With the discussions about divisional play in the IC11 still ongiong, it's a topic that is sure to keep creating talk.