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IC17 Leading Goalkickers after Round 3

  • Monday, August 14 2017 @ 03:29 pm ACST
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International Cup 2017

Amua Pirika's (pictured left) six goals for PNG against the USA on Saturday was not enough to give him the lead in the Men's Division 1 leading goalkicker*.  Despite a total of 10 goals from his past two games he still trails Great Britain's Andrew Walkden by two.  Walkden sits on twelve goals after kicking six of his own on Saturday against Ireland to add to five against South Africa in Round 1 and one against Canada in Round 2.

In Division 2 Croatia's Ivan Ivos leads the goal kicking with eight for the tournament.  

In the Women's Division there is a five way tie for the top position with Christine McCutcheon from Ireland, Danni Saulter from GB, Jessica Estrada from USA, as well as Sally Fong and Verenaisi Caginavanua (both from Fiji) all on 6 goals so far. 


 Men's Division 1

Player Name Team Name Matches Goals
Andrew Walkden Great Britain 3 12
Amua Muzza Pirika Papua New Guinea 3 10
Padraig Lucey Ireland 3 9
Brendan Clark New Zealand 3 6
Richmond Spanner Nauru 3 6
Barclay Miller New Zealand 3 5

Men's Division 2

Player Name Team Name Matches Goals
Ivan Ivos Croatia 3 8
Jan Huesken Germany 3 7
Josip Habljak Croatia 3 7
Kyo Nakagawa Japan 2 6
Damian Ratwatke Sri Lanka 1 5

Women's Division

Player Name Team Name Matches Goals
Christine Mccutcheon Ireland 3 6
Danni Saulter Great Britain 3 6
Jessica Estrada Usa 3 6
Sally Fong Fiji 3 6
Verenaisi Caginavanua Fiji 3 6
Danah Arnold Canada 3 5

 *These statistics are based on those supplied by the AFL International Cup website.