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This page is a quick snapshot of the status of Australian Football in Catalonia. For further information, browse our news items or use the search facility. If you wish to contact football officials from the country, please search our site for links to their leagues or clubs, including in our Atlas. If unsuccessful, we can normally assist with putting people in touch.

Approx population (2009):   7 million

National side:   Catalonia Dragons

Governing body:   Lliga de Futbol Australi√† de Catalunya

Primary contact / link:   Lliga de Futbol Australi√† de Catalunya

WFN Census (2004):   4 teams, 28 players

WFN World Ranking (2008):   20th

History:   The Catalan program began around 2000, with small games organised, leading to the 2005 creation of the Lliga de Futbol Australi√† de Catalunya (Catalan Australian Football League), LFAC. In some ways this program appeared to become more active than that in Madrid, with at one stage four teams and staging what they called the World 9s, though featuring mostly local sides. In 2009 the LFAC competition grew to include sides from Andorra and Perpignan in France, neighbouring areas with Catalan heritage.

2010 saw the formation of the European Australian Football Association, with both Spain and Catalonia admitted as foundation members, with the caveat that if LFAC were to lapse then any future Catalan effort would need to be represented in the EAFA by Spain. It seems unlikely that will occur, with LFAC building a solid base.

Outlook (2010):   Steady growth looks to be likely, and it will be interesting to see if their admission to EAFA, which is AFL supported, means they will look to attend future International Cups.

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