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Assist World Footy News / Positions Vacant

We're always looking for more help in promoting and reporting on international Australian football. The more enthusiastic, self-motivated volunteers we have, the greater we can achieve and the lighter the load on any one individual, making the whole process more successful and sustainable.

If you are interested in writing on a particular area, or any area, or if you have other skills you think could be of assistance to us, then please contact us. To understand more about our role, or to contact us, visit the About Us - Contact Us.

We are all volunteer staff. No experience is necessary, we can show you the ropes and supply you with background information and contacts. Stories are submitted through a simple text interface to the website. You can spend anywhere from 1 to 100 hours per week, whatever suits your circumstances.

In particular we are looking for writers to cover (but not limited to):

  • Africa - a growing frontier
  • Ireland - the men's competition
  • Europe - with so many countries playing help would be appreciated
  • Australia - someone to give occasional updates on what's happening across the game's original homeland, from AFL to grassroots
  • Middle East

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