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Aussie Rules explosion continues - plans for Zimbabwe

  • Wednesday, September 01 2004 @ 10:40 pm ACST
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Africa As football programs grow in countries they soon wish to test their national squad, but in the case of South Africa, there are no other Aussie Rules nations nearby. This may not be the case for much longer, as plans are underway to introduce the game to Zimbabwe. The remarkable explosion in interest in Australian footy appears poised to spread through southern Africa.

With great developmental work being done in South Africa, it was hoped that football may be started in Zimbabwe too, given their closeness geographically. The first steps are now being taken, but not via South Africa, but an Australian whose wife is Zimbabwean. Larry Ferrier has formed ZAFA - the Zimbabwe Australian Football Association, and has already conducted some schools clinics. He has had discussions with Brian Clarke and has drawn up plans to target schools, whilst also allowing for a senior competition. Larry sees footy as a potential uniting force in the country, much as South Africa embraced it as a sport that has no racial divide. Although it is early days yet, ZAFA is hoping to send a national side to the 2008 International Cup. Certainly the rivalry between Zimbabwe and South Africa should help both nations promote the sport.

Anyone who wishes to help ZAFA in developing footy in Zimbabwe can contact Larry through WFN. More information on his plans can be seen here.