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Reader Demographics for WFN - the first six months

  • Thursday, February 17 2005 @ 05:32 am ACDT
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General News

After first going online in July/August of 2004, World Footy News has built up to an average of about 200 hits a day. Some times of year have been busier than others, depending on how much is going on out there in footy land - but overall, stats suggest that a core readership is developing of regulars who check by a couple of times a week.

One interesting statistic is where some of the readers seem to be coming from...

At a glance -

- In 2004, the biggest chunk of hits came from Australian servers, with the USA holding second place with only around 60% the number hits of the Aussies.

- In 2005 however, the Americans have almost drawn level. The Australians and Americans together form over 75% of World Footy News readership.

- Third place has consistently been held by visitors from Canada, however they are outnumbered almost five to one by the Americans.

- New Zealand and the European nations with established leagues are represented quite strongly, as one might expect. There appears however to be regular readership in China, the Netherlands and Portugal - China providing more readers than any country except Australia, the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland.

- Holland and India provide the most readers from countries without a (confirmed!) active league. They both beat the Swedes, who have multiple active teams and regional competitions.

- In 2004, approximately 78% of readers typed the address directly into their address bar. Around 20% followed links from other sites and only a small number arrived via search engine.

- In 2005, readers accessing the page directly have stayed at just under 80%, with the links losing ground to the search engines, now only leading 15%-5%.

If you're a reader from an 'unusual' location - World Footy News wants to hear from you! If you're in Portugal, Holland, China or anywhere else that we don't know of a league, post a comment and tell us what contact you have to footy and how you came upon the site.

Thanks and keep reading!! - From the team at World Footy News.