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WFN Poll #6 - Would readers financially support international footy?

  • Friday, July 15 2005 @ 01:16 am ACST
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In our 6th poll, we asked the question "Would you consider contributing financially in any way to international footy?", with the additional information that "The reasoning behind this poll is to gauge the interest of supporters of international footy. We all know clubs and leagues around the world need support (not just financially), and it would be interesting to know whether people would dip into their own pockets. Obviously readers who play outside of Australia already do contribute financially in some way, everytime they pay their fees etc. And many Australians have made some contribution, from donating old or new boots through to paying for scholarships or becoming members of overseas leagues."

The response to this poll was less than most of our previous ones, yet comes at a time when our readership is bigger than ever. Of the 96 votes, 85% said that they either have made a financial contribution in some way to international footy, or would consider doing so, while only 15% said they would not. Over half the voters felt that they would consider a contribution, but either haven't made the effort as yet, or haven't found a good method. Perhaps this should give heart to league administrators that if they can find an interesting way to engage with supporters of international Australian Rules then financial support may be out there.

On the flipside, the low "voter turnout" may reflect a larger part of the community who have an interest in international footy, but aren't prepared, or don't feel they have the means, to support it. So as is often the case, it's difficult to be sure how to interpret the poll data. You can draw your own conclusions by examining the full results here.