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AFL and WFN discuss international prospects

  • Thursday, July 05 2007 @ 09:30 pm ACST
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General News

Staff from the Australian Football League's Game Development Department recently met with the editorial staff of worldfootynews.com at AFL House in Melbourne. Over several hours it was a good opportunity for the AFL to explain their approach to a variety of international initiatives. It was also a chance for WFN to give our perspective on numerous issues facing leagues around the world, based on our experiences dealing with hundred of officials, players and fans - hopefully we represented some of your concerns and ideas well. The dialogue between the AFL and WFN first began back in 2005 and has expanded as the AFL ramp up their efforts in international game development. Both organisations found the meeting useful and are enthusiastic about continuing to do their part to assist with the spread of the sport.

In the coming weeks WFN should be able to reveal more details of the 2008 International Cup and over time there are several other ideas in the system we hope to be able to shed more light on.