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Demetriou flags promotional role for Sheedy

  • Friday, July 27 2007 @ 06:58 pm ACST
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Very early on Monday we suggested Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy was unlikely to be reappointed beyond this season, and that Carlton coach Denis Pagan was a probable casualty at the Blues. Little did we know that within three days both men would have had the termination of their services confirmed. As discussed in Coaching casualties - writing on the wall for international footy friend, both have supported the internationalisation of footy, Pagan through the Irish experiment and Sheedy on a variety of fronts. We certainly hope this change for Sheedy won't see that commitment reduce, but rather increase. As we've alluded to before, an involvement in promoting the game via a position on the AFL staff is a possibility, and AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou has offered a tantalising suggestion of that.

In the article AFL doors open for Sheedy by Sam Lienert, AAP, on the AFL website, Demetriou talked about Kevin Sheedy's potential to promote the game and expand its horizons. Demetriou accepted that he may wish to continue coaching and would also be offered positions in the media, but said "Kevin is welcome at the AFL" and "I can see him having a significant impact on the game on behalf of the AFL and that's in so many areas".

Demetriou gave particular reference to promotion of Aussie Rules in Queensland and New South Wales, but also mentioned the AFL's current international focus. "I can't think of anybody better to help us advance the game, especially in New South Wales and Queensland," he said. "Particularly in areas like South Africa, where we're trying to make inroads, or continuing our growth into the indigenous communities".

Let's hope whatever Sheeds takes on, there remains room for his passion to see our great game grow around the world. And if we're very lucky, maybe he'll be recruited to the AFL with that specific goal in mind.