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AFL rules to stabilise in '08

  • Friday, November 30 2007 @ 05:27 pm ACDT
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A common criticism of the AFL for many years now has been the constant changing of rules and interpretations. Some see the changes as part of a hidden agenda to change the nature of the game, whilst others see it as a necessary reaction to the rapid evolution of the sport as it entered the fully professional era. There's no doubt that coaches are always looking to exploit loopholes and where the game deteriorates as a result, the lawmakers do need to react.

But it's clear that fans and players and been increasingly frustrated by the pace of change so it will be some relief to read on the AFL website that there will be "No major changes in rules for 2008".

The article reports that "the AFL Commission on Friday approved a recommendation from the Laws of the Game Committee that 2008 would be a season of consolidation for the game's laws, with no major changes to be implemented".

This is of course relevant to international footy, as most changes ultimately filter out to leagues around the world, as well as down through the levels in Australia.

Perhaps the one criticism to come out of the decision is that the controversial hands in the back interpretation has been maintained. Unpopular almost universally, it is set to stay in 2008, with the AFL's analysis apparently showing it was generally applied appropriately and improved the spectacle of the sport.