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Is this the first step towards the Official World Rankings?

  • Tuesday, March 16 2010 @ 05:34 pm ACDT
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An official rankings table for the nations playing Australian football has been a long-held dream at worldfootynews.com, although we've maintained in the past that this would be an unofficial system at best and mainly based on conjecture. However, we've recently been sent some ideas for how such a system could work.

WFN reader Campbell Homes has been crunching the numbers and has created a rankings system based solely on actual match data, without resorting to estimation.

The rankings are based on full-scale footy, played under or close to IC rules, dating right back to 1994. In spite of how far back the data goes, the rankings are recalculated after every match played, and adapt to current relative strengths very quickly. Matches that will enter the system in the coming months include the GB vs Denmark test in April, the European Championships in August, the US vs Canada test and as many more as we hear about.

All ranking systems will create plenty of discussion, but Campbell's system is the first that WFN has published based on empirical evidence. The full table and a description of how the ranking system works is available at our World Rankings Page, let the comments begin.