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World youth squads announced

  • Wednesday, May 05 2010 @ 09:28 pm ACST
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The World XVIII and South Pacific squads have been named for the June 2010 NAB AFL Under 16 championships in Australia. This is the first time international squads have been invited to compete and although the inaugural teams are likely to be in for a torrid time on the scoreboard, in coming years the concept should provide an excellent pathway to the AFL as well as an incentive for international leagues to promote youth.

The players named have been selected but have not necessarily confirmed their involvement, as it will be subject to players making the journey Down Under. The full lists are given below. Including the multi-cultural component, there are 21 countries represented.

The AFL's National Participation Manager, Josh Vanderloo, is particularly involved with the World side and explained that "The World XVIII selection process took place from January to April and considered in excess of 60 players either nominated from AFL International affiliates or local migrants that have lived in Australia for less than 5 years. The result is a squad of players selected that will represent such diverse nations as South Africa, United States, Sudan, Canada, England and Ireland to name just a few. There are still 4 places available in the World XVIII squad which will be filled over the next month".

AFL Asia Pacific Manager Andrew Cadzow explained that the South Pacific squad will be reduced further in the lead up to the tournament. "The initial South Pacific Squad was selected after the 2009 Oceania Championships (held in Fiji) and included 52 players. Through consultation with key stakeholders across all Pacific nations, the squad has been trimmed to 33 (including possible emergencies) with further cuts required given that only 25 players can be part of the final team.

A full media launch will occur around Round 10 of the AFL season.

World XVIII            South Pacific
First Surname Country                        First Surname Country
Andrew Roosdahl Canada                        Ben Gela PNG
Clayton Lund Canada                        Clyde Pulah PNG
Jonathon Elliot Canada                        Lawrie Logo PNG
Riyad Karacic Canada                        Junior John PNG
Lewis Brackstone England                        Larry Nao PNG
Mathias Biron Denmark                        Greg Aki PNG
Tumi Mollele South Africa                        Slim Collins PNG
Sporo Dlamini South Africa                        Wingti Pena PNG
Prince Nematswerani South Africa                        Brodie Cleave NZ
Snera Boki South Africa                        Liam Ackland NZ
Alex McPhee USA                        Vandyn Hartman NZ
Chris Franzen USA                        Samiuela Tuitupou NZ
Sean O'Kennedy Ireland                        Rhys Panui-Leith NZ
Chenghao Zhong China                        Peni Mahini Tonga
Jensen Tremaine Maori                        Kafoa Tuaefe Tonga
Komang Pasek Sujaya Balinese/Indo                        Simote Taunga Tonga
Mella Opiew Sudan                        Taniela Kilioni Tonga
Mohammed El Ebrahimi Iraq                        loela Luaai Samoa
Kane Clarke Lebanese                        Aviata Siuta Samoa
Immanuel Irra Uganda                        Tomwell Raidinen Nauru
Garang Lual Sudan                        Yoshi Harris Nauru
John Cubahiro West Africa                        Donatello Moses Nauru
Tour Miar Sudan                        Rueben Olsson Nauru
Joseph Lo Buluk Sudan                        Dylan Wolfgramm Fiji
Peter Ajang Kenya                        Soloman Loki Fiji
Reuben Riak Sudan                        Freddy Una-Felix Solomon Islands
                       David Fusitu'a NZ
                       Eddie Tongan PNG
                       Lokeri Gavet NZ
                       Ben Fisher NZ
                       Richard Taliu Samoa
                       Buddy Detageowa Nauru
                       Wilson Kacivi Fiji